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About Industry Online

  • Are you not satisfied with your turnover, would you like to fill your free production capacities and are you interested in support of trading of your company?
  • Are you looking for an effective way of sales for your products, materials and technologies, services, unused machinery and accessories?
  • Would you like to safe your time and money for inefficient and high-prices advertising on unprofessional portals?
  • Are you already tired of signing in to general records to company catalogues and need a help with real problems?
  • Are you looking for inquiries from engineering or possibility to enter your request for free?

  • Do you wish to sell your used machinery and accessories through the Internet auction of machinetools?

Professional engineering portal Industry Online has a solution for you

  • Industry Online is the professional engineering portal focused on engineering industry area and solve concrete problems of your company.
  • Industry Online is a qualified partner, where you can offer or request all what takes care of your activities and react by this way to all changes in your company immediately.
  • You can use also our online auction system to sell your unused machinery and accessories. The auction system is a great way, how to get optimized income from the sale.
  • Your free production capacity, unsatisfied turnover of sales of your products, materials and technologies, services or an active support of sales of your machinery and accessories are the main problems, which our engineering portal and our employees solve.

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Articles, news

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